Maverick Therapeutics is a biotech company focused on improving the lives of people with solid tumor cancers by focusing deep integrated expertise in drug development to design and deliver a pioneering immunotherapy platform. Our highly innovative COBRA™ platform is the most mature, conditionally active bispecific T cell engaging platform in its class, designed to safely target solid tumors with highly specific and potent activity while limiting on-target toxicities in normal tissues.

Founded in 2016, Maverick Therapeutics is led by a team of leading experts in protein engineering and T cell therapeutic research and development. Our team is composed of a group of individuals with incredibly diverse backgrounds bound together by a common passion to develop safe and efficacious treatments for a broad number of patients with solid tumor cancers. Each individual brings their own distinct personality and specialized experience to the table to form an integrated discovery and development team. Our approach is to focus foremost on what the patient population needs, and then reverse engineer the technology that can provide that solution.

In early 2017, Maverick announced $125 million of committed funding from Takeda Pharmaceuticals (“Takeda”), MPM BioVentures 2014 and MPM Capital’s UBS Oncology Impact Fund. Based on the promise of the Company’s early-stage research, we entered a five-year drug development project with Takeda.

Our Mission

Be the leader in T cell therapy for solid tumor cancers by developing therapies that deliver high specificity, high potency and reduced toxicity.

Our Promise

“At Maverick Therapeutics, we’re committed to providing patients with the first conditionally active bispecific T cell engaging therapy to address a wide variety of solid tumor cancers.” – Jim Scibetta, CEO

At Maverick Therapeutics, we have adopted the “test-hard-fail-early” scientific approach to development, aiming to achieve the highest possible validation of its platform and drug candidates. With scientific integrity at the core of our values, a molecule will only be advanced out of our lab-based research discovery setting if it binds to human and non-human primates with the same affinity, ensuring that pre-human safety studies are highly predictive of how the therapy will perform in humans.

Our Core Values


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We embrace transparency and expect each other to speak up with candor when we have something to contribute.

Integrity Core Value Icon


We are ethical, dependable and keep our commitments to our work.

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We work effectively together to amplify human impact and maximize success probability.

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We seek solutions to problems; simplicity & efficiency for process, creativity for discovery.

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We have a strong work ethic, focus and courage to drive projects forward and exhibit a positive attitude that expresses our drive to enrich and improve the lives of cancer patients.

Management Team

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