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Maverick Therapeutics is a small start-up company developing new platforms of T-cell engaging protein therapeutics for cancer treatment. We are seeking a Research Associate with training in Biochemistry or Cell biology to become a part of the protein production group and to contribute to our drug discovery efforts.


A successful candidate for this position

  • will be responsible for material storage and dispensary, maintenance of database inventory, labelling and handling of the protein samples for research needs and animal studies.
  • will assist senior scientists to perform large- and small-scale transfections of mammalian cells and to purify the therapeutic proteins for research, in vivo studies, and PK studies.


  • BS/MS in Biochemistry, Cell Biology or a related field with 0+ years of relevant experience with protein expression, purification and characterization.
  • Accute attention to detail and ability to accurately reproduce protocols.
  • Excellent presentation skills (written and oral) and the ability to coordinate with and collaborate on a multidisciplinary team while meeting timelines.
  • Strong work ethic and scientific integrity are required.

Qualified candidates should send their resumes to

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