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Chad is our Senior Vice President, Research & Development.  He has led the generation of data validating the novel COBRA mechanism of action and demonstrating preclinical proof of concept of a marked therapeutic window in the solid tumor target arena.  Chad is leading preclinical pharmacology and development work on Maverick’s novel T cell retargeting platform. He joined Maverick at the time of its formation in early 2017 as VP, R&D.  Chad has over fifteen years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, with expertise in target biology/selection, recombinant antibody therapeutics and translational medicine, and a successful track record of managing collaborative programs with industry partners. Most recently, Chad was the Senior Director of Targeted Immunotherapy at Pfizer in the Oncology Research Unit where he spearheaded several bispecific antibody programs, including leading Pfizer’s first T cell retargeting program from inception to Phase 1 clinical trials. Prior to that, Chad held roles of increasing responsibility at ImClone Systems, which was acquired by Eli Lilly in 2008. During his time there, Chad was a project team leader for several early stage therapeutics antibody programs.

Chad received his Ph.D. in Immunology from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, in a joint program with the Sloan Kettering Institute, under the mentorship of Dr. Michel Sadelain.

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