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Dr. Charles S. Craik, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Departments of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Cellular & Molecular Pharmacology and Biochemistry & Biophysics at the University of California at San Francisco and is also the founder and Director of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Graduate Program. He served as a Scientific Advisor of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Dr. Craik co-founded Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. in 2003 and served as its Chairman of the Board and President. He joined the UCSF faculty in 1985. He serves as Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board of Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. He serves as Scientific Advisor of Protagonist Therapeutics, Inc. and Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Inc. He serves on advisory panels for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences and the Department of Energy. Dr. Craik serves as an Associate Editor of the Journal Protein Engineering and has co-authored two books. He has organized several international meetings on topics including Protein Engineering, Drug Discovery and The Biology of Proteolysis. He has published over 200 research articles on various biochemical topics. He focuses on the Chemical Biology of proteolytic enzymes and their natural inhibitors. He is a Member of Scientific Advisory Board at Protagonist Pty Ltd. Dr. Craik received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Columbia University in New York and carried out his postdoctoral research at UCSF with Dr. William Rutter.

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