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Jeremiah is our Vice President, Translational Oncology & Bioinformatics. He leads the development and implementation of translational scientific strategies for Maverick Therapeutics’ early stage programs, which focus on supporting clinical development through patient selection and demonstrating COBRA™ proof of mechanism. In this role, he also oversees the development of pre-clinical and clinical bioanalytical assays and advancement of the internal bioinformatics pipelines for target discovery, selection and data processing.

Jeremiah has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry focused on oncology research and development with expertise in next-generation sequence (NGS) analysis, high performance computing systems, target discovery, evaluation of mechanisms of resistance, and biomarker discovery. Jeremiah joined Maverick in 2017, shortly after its formation, as Director of Bioinformatics. Prior to joining Maverick, Jeremiah worked at Gilead Sciences where he helped build the Research Bioinformatics group and scale the bioinformatics infrastructure to support NGS analysis for early-stage oncology programs and biomarker discovery. He also worked on evaluating mechanisms of resistance to idelalisib and contributed to multiple patents and publications. Prior to that, Jeremiah helped build the bioinformatics and translational genomics programs at Onyx Pharmaceuticals, which was subsequently acquired by Amgen. He started his industry career in the Research Bioinformatics group at Genentech focused on methods to analyze large-scale NGS datasets and identify genomic alterations in major cancer indications.

Jeremiah received his Ph.D. in Biological Statistics and Computational Biology from Cornell University where he focused on theoretical population genetics and genome evolution under the mentorship of Professor Carlos D. Bustamante.

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